6 Reasons why WordPress is the best CMS.

6 Reasons why WordPress is the best CMS.

Don’t just start a business without keeping digital marketing in mind. In today’s world, there are so many businesses with the same products and services it can be quite difficult to set yourself apart from your competitors. When you’re using a CMS like WordPress, you can create a simple but modern website that exhibits all your products and services, you could reach more potential customers that will definitely help with your business growth.

Where do you start though? What CMS is the best to use so your site will run smoothly? Inevitably your website will be your salesperson, standing by 24/7 when your potential customers have time!

One of the most known facts about WordPress is that it is the largest most used Content Management System. Making up for over 30% of all websites, it can be used for anything from a blog site to e-commerce site for any business you might want to start or already own. It might be popular but what sets this CMS apart from other?

1 It’s Open Source and Absolutely FREE

Probably the first thing that came to your mind when I said ‘Website’ was “How much is it going to cost?” This is probably one of their biggest selling points. One less thing to worry about is the cost involving using WordPress as your choice of CMS. The WordPress core platform is totally free, so using it to your advantage without paying for any of these privileges is a total bonus.

WordPress is an Open Source project and that is why it’s free. Since it’s so popular you can be reassured that WordPress is regularly updated, easy to customize and largely tested – being so widely used, the WordPress community is constantly offering unlimited support. This CMS definitely won’t break the bank as free plugins and themes are widely available as well.

2 Create any Website

As I mentioned earlier you can build any website imaginable from only a blog site to e-commerce. WordPress gives you so much flexibility to create any website you might need. With the variety plugins and themes made available, it gives you the power to customize and extend functions on your site. Here’s a short list of the broad horizon of websites you could make:

  • E-commerce like Amazon or Take-a-lot
  • A Blog site like The Fuss or The South African Blog
  • Video websites like Youtube or Vimeo
  • Directory website like the Yellow Pages
  • Photography websites like Imgur
  • Classified Ads websites like Gumtree or OLX
  • Knowledgebase websites like Wikipedia and many more

3 According to Google, it’s 99% SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing your site, focusing your growing visibility on generic ranking (non-paid) search results. The more SEO friendly your site is the better it will rank and your CMS plays a role.

WordPress was built to take all these SEO parameters into consideration and isn’t that good news? Plus there are a variety of SEO plugins that you could use to help boost your SEO properties.

CMS Validity Requirements are as follows:

  • Loading speed is fast
  • Standard of coding must be good
  • XML Sitemaps
  • The Navigation (Menus and Submenus)
  • Integration with social media
  • User Experience

4 Customization is Super Easy

You can customize literally anything you can think of in WordPress. Whether you are a hard-core coder or a beginner you will be able to customize your very own website through plugins and themes. Even the themes and plugins itself can be customized.

You can customize through the Panel where all the settings are available that have to do with colour, text, layouts, site identity headers and footers. The user-friendly dashboard will make it easy for you to navigate to the settings and change all the elements on your website that you feel are necessary.

Knowing a bit of coding could benefit you to be able to customize your site even more. Even beginners could look at the coding like style sheets and play around with the coding to see what it does.

5 a Large Troubleshooting Community

Since WordPress is so popular and widely used, a lot of people have created support forums to help people experiencing the same problem or even beginners. Here they will be able to find solutions to their problems they are experiencing.

With support forums consisting of millions of queries and answers, you will most probably find all the help you need. Otherwise, if you can’t find the solution you can ask a question and you will definitely get a response or someone that will assist you.

6 WordPress is secure enough

To give you peace of mind WordPress does have a high-security standard because since 30% of websites are WordPress, hackers are continuously trying to hack such sites. Don’t worry because with WordPress’ regular updates to their software it is protecting you from such a threat. So remember to update your WordPress version to secure your site.

Here are a few tips to secure your site from such vulnerabilities:

  • Basic security can be installed
  • WordPress.org is the only website you should look for plugins like this
  • Plugins should be recently updated
  • Check the downloads and ratings of plugins
  • Trusted sources will give you the best plugins
  • Update your WordPress to the most recent version
  • Premium themes might cost you but it’s worth it since free ones might contain encrypted links or even malicious software

Don’t keep away from WordPress when you’re reason was that it doesn’t have enough security because now you have a valid reason to use it.


WordPress is easy to use and learn. Don’t waste your time and money on a website when you as a person aren’t sure how it works and operates. Build your own one and save yourself or your business tons of money when creating a mobile-friendly, SEO optimized and modern website that could benefit your business and pocket.

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