7 Benefits of WordPress

uprosper 7 benefits of wordpress

Have you considered WordPress as a possible Content Management System to use for your website? Whether you are a startup – or a developed business looking to add a website that benefits your marketing, using WordPress as your Preferred CMS is a good start.

Is your main objective to have a blog site, online store or just a website to inform your customers about specials? Your websites objective can easily be met with WordPress and here are 7 benefits of why you should consider WordPress.

1.       Easy to use

With a user-friendly interface and awesome features like plugins, widgets and themes, you will save a lot of time creating your website. Adding your regular blog posts, pages and images can be done with a click of a button. No need to be a hardcore coder, it only takes a few seconds and your content will be published.

2.     Access your site anywhere

You don’t need to carry your desktop everywhere you go. That’s just a mission.  Since WordPress is web based you can use your login credentials to access your site whether you’re at home or at work.

3.      HTML and FTP a thing of the past

Like I said earlier, NO need to be a CODER, WordPress does it all for you. Even with a few extra plugins installed, your site will look professional and mobile friendly, guaranteed.

All your files, images, posts and pages for WordPress will be accessible right there from your dashboard. You can even export and import all the files straight to another site if need be.

4.     Google, Yahoo, Bing… they all love WordPress

Not only is WordPress easy for the user to use but Search engines have no problem crawling these codes. The coding used to create WordPress is so clean and simple that search engines find it very easy to read and index the sites created by WordPress. All your images, pages and post content have captions, alt tags, keywords meta descriptions and titles. This makes it ideal for proper SEO optimization.

5.     100% Customizable Website designs

Your website can be fully customized to your specific needs. Whether to enhance your business profile, encourage business growth or selling your products and services online you will be able to make your brand the centre of attention. It benefits your business and your pocket.

6.     Built-in Blog Benefits

If your business suits a blog site then WordPress will give you that advantage. With its built-in blogging platform, you will be able to create blogs effortlessly, instantly and can be integrated. Commenting, email subscriptions and adding your most recent blogs to your desired pages is a very easy system to configure. From here you will even be able to share your blogs on all your social media platforms.

7.      Plugins

A Plugin is a software that is created to extend functionality to a site. These group of functions will aid you with the needed features for your business right onto your website. There are thousands of different plugins out there with every kind of feature you might need or want. Most plugins are free and reasonably priced.

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