8 Reasons Why Having a Website is Crucial

uprosper 8 reasons why having a website is crucial

Do you really need a website when starting up a company? The answer is YES! Many small businesses today can’t survive without some form of online presence because in today’s world everything is digital. You might think, as a starting business owner that a website isn’t necessary because all that matters is a social media platform, but you’re not quite right on that one. That could probably also be the reason why your business isn’t growing to its full potential.

We are living in a digital age where businesses are competing with their online competitors to get more customers. Maybe growing up in a time where computers were not accessible, does not mean that it won’t be necessary. Thinking that your customers do not use computers at all, maybe not even computers anymore but rather smartphones. Even established businesses today who relied on word-of-mouth and trying to grow their business on social media need a website. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Gain credibility for your business

We are living in the age of the millennial. When they want something they flip out their iPhone or Samsung and you just see their fingers bolt across their screen. They’re searching, comparing prices, finding solutions to their problems from stores, restaurants, and businesses on any platform. Within a few minutes, maybe even seconds, they found it and they want it now. Not only are the millennials doing this, it’s even spreading to the older generations. So if you think your business doesn’t need a website you are losing yourself a wider audience and probably potential customers.

Your website provides all the information any person would need to know about your business. It contains all the products and services you have to offer. It’s your 24/7 salesperson bringing in potential customers and keeping them captivated.

  1. More money in your pocket

As a small business starting off you might think you can’t afford a website. Honestly, you can’t afford NOT to have one. The starting of a website might cost a bit when designed by someone or a professional company. However, it might not cost you so much in the long run when kept up to date with the latest news, services, and products.

If you compare this to traditional advertising like brochures, flyers, banners, billboard and newspaper ads it will definitely save you money when you have a website. Announcing all your specials and newly added products, services and news right there at the fraction of the cost. You will definitely reach a wider and larger audience digitally as well.

You’ll be contributing to a greener environment too by not printing unnecessary fliers that eventually end up in the bin.

  1. Your customers will stay informed

As I said in my previous point you can announce all your specials and newly added products, services and news right there with only a click of a button. All your news will stay on your website until you decide otherwise. Your customers need only to log onto your website to view these latest announcements. A much quicker way to stay in touch with them considering that flyers won’t reach all your customers.

Keeping your site up to date contributes to your customers returning and referring you as a potential place to do business with. Using things like promotions, specials and even blogs related to your business help to constantly remind them of your business.

You do not even have to use writable posts. Things like podcasts, infographics and videos will be interesting enough to keep them informed what you are all about. Introducing them to new product catalogues and services.

  1. Accessibility

Unlike traditional advertising that gets distributed at certain points your website is in one place that everyone can access. People from all over the country and even the world can go to your website any time of the day or night when they have time. While relaxing, they can browse through all your services or product catalogue on your website.

You as a business will also be accessible due to add-ons and features like contact forms, linked telephone numbers and emails. Features that your customers will use to contact you during your office hours.

  1. Wider targeted audience

Since your website is digital and everyone has access to the world wide web, your business can grow due to reaching a wider audience. When marketing your business you can do it through social media platforms. Here a large potential audience and customers await you. Sharing with people and groups making your business seen everywhere is a huge advantage.

A website provides you a different location to sell all your services and products to more people who might not live in the location you traditionally advertise too.

  1. Online Portfolio

Whether you sell products or deliver services you can showcase your work online. Your customers will be able to see through your online portfolio, what potential you have as a business and gain some customers. Putting up demonstrations of your services, products and obtaining testimonials of your current customers will persuade new customers that you deliver quality products and can be trusted with your customer service.

Building your online portfolio will be accessible to anyone who wishes to view it, and that is controlled by you. Other places like social media platforms you can’t always control what others see and say like reviews and even posted images. When posting things online in some cases you might not own the right to this material anymore. You might end up seeing them being used in other ads on your timeline.

  1. Time-saving

With traditional advertising there’s always a chance that it might be delayed due to cost, time, amount and even accessibility. With a website, you can announce anything you need within a few hours, if need be. Using simple images and a little bit of graphic design to make them looks professional. Keeping the look and feel of your company could easily also persuade your customers to buy your product or service.

Being able to find your contact details on your website saves them loads of time when they need your product or service urgently. Even filling out your enquiry form that you respond to within a given time saves everyone time on communication.

Providing more information on your offered products and services helps the customer save time to look for the same product/services on a competitor’s site. It also saves you time to communicate the benefits and information verbally to them.

  1. Ownership of your Website

You own the rights to your website and all the information concerning services, products, news, posts and images you have on your site. Even with a big social media presence you still might need a website of your own.  A little space in the digital world.

Don’t always cut costs when security for your website is the most important. No matter if your website sells products and services online or even if it’s small. Don’t make the mistake of losing your website over a dispute of a couple of rands. Make sure you are covered to keep your website under your control no matter who edits, creates and maintains it.

You control what goes on your site and what your customers see. Having a website will contribute to your business growth.

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