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UProsper offers a wide variety of digital courses that cater every need from websites to app building to animation. Our courses are sure to give you the necessary skills and experience when attending one of our practical, fun and informative sessions.

When it comes to contributing to a persons future, we don’t spare on anything that involves education. We want you to prosper in whatever career you desire with the course you decide to take. We know that knowledge is power so start investing in your education today!

Our WordPress Course offers all the basic aspects needed to start, create and maintain your very own website for your business.
Hungry for some more WordPress experience? Try out our Advanced course to know more about HTML, CSS, SEO and website databases.
Take scrapbooking to a whole new level and create and share some of your proud and precious moments with digital scrapbooking.
Uprosper App Building Course
Having an App in today’s technology era could be very beneficial for your business growth. Learn how to build an elegant and professional App with this informative course.
Uprosper seo marketing Course
Got a website but not much traffic? Do you rank in the top three or even on the first page of Google for your keyword? If not then this is definitely the course for you!
Uprosper generic ranking Course
You just started a business but you can’t afford the necessary additional like Google Ads or Facebook PPC? Then take this course to learn about ranking your website generically.
Uprosper logo design Course
Having a professional logo doesn’t only tell you who you are but is the face of your company when it comes to digital marketing. Your clients should be able to recognize your unique logo and brand, so this course will be perfect just for those reasons.
Uprosper affiliate website Course
Want to make your business available to advertise for other businesses and make some more money in the process? Take this course to know more about being an affiliate to other websites and how to work it to your advantage.
Uprosper animation creation Course
By watching animated videos, informative or just visual, people absorb more of the information. This course will teach you about all the basics of animation to animate your own cartoons and videos for personal or corporate use.
Uprosper social media marketing Course
More than 2.4 billion people use social media and this is where you can use this to your advantage to market your business online. Start today and learn about all the ways to market your business using social media.
Uprosper ppc Course
Generic Ranking might not be effective when trying to rank for specific keywords or marketing your business, but we can teach you all about Google Adwords and Facebook PPC to get your business out there and seen by potential customers.
Uprosper digital marketing Course
Learn all the aspects about marketing your business digitally. Whether the business is small or corporate, marketing your business digitally is a more advisable way to go since almost everything is done online.
Why study with Uprosper?

  • Our courses are practical to get the most out of a learning experience.
  • Our course Tutors are experienced – developing and keeping all our websites up to date.
  • All of the course material is provided.
  • Our excellent course material is up to date to get the best learning experience.
  • Online support is provided after the course.
  • A Domain and login details are provided to start off our WordPress Course.
  • We will help you write content with our Content Template Sheet.

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    Our courses are given for 15 -20 people at a time so we can provide all our students with the needed attention during the course. Our courses are over 2 days, 3 days or a week depending on the intensity and information being taught to the attending students.

    Any hungry minded individual that knows the basics around a computer can join any one of our courses. Our friendly tutors are standing by 24/7, replying within 24 Hours.

    uprosoper course packages company

    Corporate Solutions

    We offer courses to corporate businesses who have a need to get involved in the digital world. Dedicated Training to help create, improve and maintain your corporate production and team building.

    We also offer to teach the necessary course that suits your business need. Contact us for any corporate business needs and receive a discount.

    uprosoper course packages gifts

    Vouchers & Groups and Discounts

    Uprosper offers vouchers and discounts on all our courses for a group of people who want to do the course or courses at the same time. Whether it be friends or a company we offer up to 15% discount! We try to make our courses as cost effective as possible to provide the maximum training and best education to all our students. This is great for Corporate companies and even as a gift! We understand that education is an investment in any person’s future so start today!