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Over the years technology has become so popular everyone wants to be a part of it. They don’t just want it, they need it to feel connected to the world, to each other.

Earth inhabits over 7.5 Billion people and over more than half are internet users. Isn’t that just amazing?! 4 billion people all over the world are able to use the internet. According to We are Social and Hootsuite: “nearly a quarter of a billion new users came online for the first time in 2017.” Apparently, Africa has the fastest growing rates of internet users across the content that increases annually by 20%!

How is that possible though, hearing of all the poverty in Africa?

In the Global Digital Report of 2018 done in January 2018, they say that it is mainly the cause of “affordable smartphone devices and mobile data plans.” More and more people are buying their first mobile device. In 2017 alone over 200 million people across the globe did just that.

With increasing mobile users that join the internet, many are going to start using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Skype etc. Over the past few months during Jan 2017 to 2018, the users for the top platform, Facebook, has increased by at least 1 million users every day. Over 3 Billion people all over the world now use social media, of which 9 out 10 access these platform using their mobile devices.

Let’s see the Global Facts for 2018 and South Africa:

  • Increasing yearly with 7%, 4,021 Billion people are now internet users.
  • Increasing yearly with 13%, 3,196 Billion people are active social media users.
  • 5,135 Billion people are using mobile phones. This increases by 4% annually

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Social Platform Hours

With numbers increasing for mobile phone users, internet users and social media platform users, we can see that the hours spent on these are also on the rise.

Thailand is leading with 9H 38Min, more than a third of their day. South Africa is not far behind with an hour less, 8H 32Min. The USA users spend 6H 30Min and Morocco spending the least with 2H 53Min.

“If we add this together for all 4 billion of the world’s internet users, we’ll spend a staggering 1 billion years online in 2018.”

Are we all just so glued to our phones every single day?

Social Media Users

People are trying to stay connected to each other all over the world using different platforms to communicate. More and more time should then be spent on social media right, but it isn’t. By comparing 2017 to 2018 stats, most countries are showing a decrease in time spent.

Philippines4H 17Min3H 57Min
South Africa2H 52Min2H 48Min
Mexico3H 32Min3H 7Min
Turkey3H 1Min2H 48Min
India2H 36Min2H 26Min


For the third year in a row, the Philippines spend the most amount of hours on Social Media. Each person averaging at 4 hours. Brazil and Thailand are second and third irrespectively with Brazil on 3H 39Min and Thailand 3H 23Min.

Facebook still dominating

Facebook has grown with over 300 million users over the course of 2017 and standing on 2,167 million in Jan 2018. Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger have doubled the percentage of Facebook users with over 30% standing on 1,300 Million users from 1000 Million in 2017.

Even though Facebook Messenger is used widely in some research by SimilarWeb shows that Whatsapp is dominating in some geographical area more than Facebook. Whatsapp is the top messenger app in 128 countries around the globe while Facebook Messenger is only 72 leaving 25 countries where the Facebook-owned app isn’t.

Instagram increased with a third to 800 Million, Twitter increased by 13 million to 330 million, LinkedIn showing a 245% increase to 260 Million, Pinterest went up from 150 Million to 200 Million users and Snapchat decreased with 16% to 255 Million.

Broadband mobile connectivity

People are constantly connecting to each other using mobile devices. The need for Data and internet connection increases as well. Let’s see how many people have broadband mobile connectivity according to their population

According to stats, Northern Europe is taking the lead with 109%! Western Europe and Oceania tying at 98%, Southern Europe with 97%, Northern America with 95%, Eastern Europe with 92%, Eastern Asia with 87%, South Africa is 8th with 83%, Southern America with 82%, Northern Africa with 59%, Western Africa 33% and middle Africa with the lowest of 12%.


Thinking about starting an online shop? Take a look at these stats:

  • 77 Billion people are purchasing consumer goods via e-commerce, increasing by 8% annually.
  • The value of these consumer goods rakes up to $1.474 Trillion in total annual sales revenue. This increase year on year by 16%

People are becoming hooked on the internet, even purchasing goods from online shops. If you have a product that could be sold online, considering the number of people purchasing goods online, I think starting an online shop is a very good idea.

Shared Web Traffic

Heres a fact I think all businesses need to hear that they need to consider when designing their website. Web traffic shared through devices:

  • Laptops & Desktops: 43% decreasing with 3%
  • Mobile Devices: 52% increasing with 4%
  • Tablets: 4% decreased by 13%
  • Other devices: 0.14% increased by 17%

Mobile users are increasing just like the internet users are. Making your website as mobile friendly as you possibly is crucial because yearly this number is going to increase. People carry their Smartphones around which is accessible to them any time, any day. Give your business the advantage!

A research conducted by App Annie suggests that people now spend “7 times longer using mobile apps compared to mobile web browsers.” Maybe getting a useful app is not such a bad idea.

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